Eggenberger International

With the creation of Eggenberger International in 1992, the Castle Brewery Eggenberg

has made exports the cornerstone of its growth strategy establishing itself in more then 45 countries.

Eggenberger International offers different beers consisting of the Premium line and the Craft beer line.

Exports is only part of the equation. Without product innovation and a very high quality,

we would be just another other brewery.

Castle Eggenberg

Is one of Europe´s oldest breweries – its history dates back to the 10th century a.d. – located in Austria in the region known as Salzkammergut north of the Alps.

 With commercial activities started in 1681, Eggenberg plays an important role in the beer-tradition of Austria. Since 1803 the Castle brewery has been in the hands of the Stöhr family, at present the eigthth generation is a guarantee for highest quality of Eggenberger beers, which have been awarded numerous gold medals at trade fairs and exhibitions. The Eggenberger beer specialties are being exported to more then 45 countries worldwide.

Not surprisingly, Eggenberger still brews its famous beers in strict accordance with the purity laws of 1516 governing Austrian and German brewers.