Wetten Importers prides itself on partnering with family-owned, independent breweries – that go above and beyond to honor tradition and heritage; source the highest quality ingredients possible; and submit to the strictest standards of brewing technique.  When we say world-class, we mean it.

Founded in Northern Virginia in 1992, Wetten Importers was born out of a hobby.  Fueled by his passion for artisanal beers, Martin Wetten sought out classic beers brewed by masters of the craft, and translated through rich history and culture.

In today’s ever-changing landscape, the beer world as we knew it has expanded well beyond our wildest dreams.  Ask any of today’s craft brewers where their inspiration comes from, and more often than not, you will hear lively stories of their first Belgian beers, trips through Bavaria or of winter nights filled with Samichlaus Bier. These timeless offerings will no doubt continue to inspire for centuries to come, as they have centuries past.